There are no easy roads to the Revolution! How much courage is needed to state this truth and how much courage is needed to act according to this truth!

Arrested August 2, 1997

Igor Gubkin

Arrested November 12, 1997

Valerii Sklyar

    The Moscow branch of the Federal Security Service [formerly the KGB - note of the translator] formally charged six members of the Revolutionary Military Soviet (RMS) with conspiring to organize the violent overthrow of the state (article 278 of the Russian Federation's penal code). They are being held at the «Lefortovo» prison and are scheduled to go on trial in November-December of 1999.
    Those in power and the bourgeois press are trying to give this case a markedly anti-communist character.
    The Russian bourgeoisie, whose hands are soaked in the blood of the Russian people, debilitated by unspeakable crimes and violence and threatened with slow death by starvation, in an unprecedented act of cynicism, accuses the members of the RMS of terrorism. But this is nothing new. Hitler's fascists also labeled the Soviet guerrillas as «terrorists» and «bandits» because the guerrillas blew up bridges and other objectives which had been taken over by the enemy.
    In the fall of 1997, the members of the RMS blew up the monument to Nicholas II, the bloody butcher of the Russian workers and peasants, in the hope of preventing the criminal bourgeoisie from dismantling the Lenin Mausoleum, the symbol of pride of all the exploited of the world. They also tried but failed to blow up the monument to Peter I which was under the protection of the secret service of state security.
    The members of the RMS acted decisively, as a warning against the real danger of an act of vandalism against humanity of an irreversible nature by the criminal bourgeois government, which was preparing the public for the possible dismantling of Lenin's mausoleum. In other words, this organization tried to call public attention to the Russian bourgeois government's criminal plans, and from a legal point of view this has to be defined as a just and legitimate act of self-defense of the honor and dignity of millions of people around the world.
    Thus, the real criminals in this case are the Russian bourgeoisie which, with their crimes against the working class, have provoked the actions of the RMS.


    Not that of conspiracy by heroic persons but that of revolutionary struggle alongside the working class, with the proletariat and exploited masses.
    Not the struggle against monuments and palaces built with the sweat of the workers, but the struggle against the exploiting classes in Russia and around the world.
    Not the conspiracy of a coup d'etat by a noble group of revolutionary heroes, but the definitive and permanent liquidation of the exploitation of classes by means of the PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT.

Our tasks.

    1. The creation of the political vanguard of the working class.
    2. To imbue the masses of workers with communist consciousness according to the teachings of Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin and on the basis of the historical experience of the class struggle.
    3. The participation together with the proletariat in the social and class struggle with the purpose of qualitatively enriching the revolutionary process.
    4. The international unity of the proletarian forces in the revolutionary struggle.

The final objective.

    The destruction of the system of class exploitation and social parasitism through the proletarian revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat, the construction of communist society.

Editorial Board of «Proletarskaya Gazheta»
Marxist-Leninist Organization of the Communists of Russia


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