Bourgeois bandits have brutally murdered Alexander Vasin, a miner and activist in the workers' movement in the region of Lugansk, a member of the independent union of miners, workers' deputy to the city Soviet. He was assassinated by murderous fascists by a knife in the heart.
    The bourgeoisie is terrified by the threat of the growing resistance of the workers of the industrial regions of Ukraine and is perpetrating criminal acts against activist workers to try to frighten and strangle the workers' movement. The class terror is a sign of the weakness of the bourgeoisie and of its lack of confidence in its own strengths, of its terror and panic.
    Historically the days of the capitalism are numbered. Everything depends on the level of organization and decisiveness of the proletariat.
    The three daughters of A. A. Vasin, born in 1985, 1989 and 1991, have become orphans. They do not doubt in the strength of the truth and the heroism of the cause for which their father gave his life, that they will be aided by the workers' solidarity.
    Only this solidarity can strengthen and consolidate the workers' movement. Only the solidarity of their class comrades can confront and beat the exploiter.
    We are directing to all workers' organizations, to all the honest people, our earnest plea for material aid to the family of the worker killed for our common cause.

The bank account of the Bakarov mine, for the family of Vasin:
P/O 26003200428001 MFO
304074 APB Ukraine Code 21851268

    Glory to those fallen comrades, towards the victory of the cause of the working class.

Coordinating Committee of the Workers' Movement of Lugansk

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