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February 27, 2001

    Cemal Taskin, newly elected president of Tuzla Branch of leather workers union of Turkey (Tuzla Deri-Is) has beenattacked by gunmen.

We condemn the armed attack that wounded Cemal Taskin, the leader of Tuzla leather workers

    Cemal Taskin, the President of Tuzla Branch of Deri-Is (leather workers union) Union and a member of our party was shot by the members of a gang on the night of 26th February. The bullets wounded him from arm and leg and he was taken to Kartal SSK hospital.
    It is clear that, the shameful attack that took place in such a period that the living conditions of the working class and the labourers got harder and the poverty spread all over the people, aimed to stop the movement of struggling unionists that are in the front of workers and labourers.
    The attack that came simultaneously with the collective contract process of Tuzla leather workers, also shows the target is all the leather workers of Tuzla in tha name of Cemal Taskin. The bullets were actually fired to Tuzla leather workers. The responsibles of the attack are the dark forces who are the enemies of the workers and gangs.
    The triggers and the incitors should know that such attacks will be responsed by the working class and the the labourers in the appropriate way. The attacks of the dark forces and the gangs will not be enough to intimidate Tuzla leather workers and the struggling unionists.
    We condemn the traitorous attack targeting all Tuzla workers and struggling sectors of the working class in the name of Cemal Taskin.
    The triggers and the incitors of the attack must be captured and punished immediately.

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